Salestivity®... the CRM tool for effective digital marketing campaign, sales team and customer management!

What is Salestivity?

Salestivity is an online sales activity management system that helps you track all the activities of your sales and ultimately drives sales up. It is available as a service (pay as you go) or as a dedicated application.
Salestivity unleashes the power of your sales team.

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A showcase of features that delivers optimum results


The dashboard provides a summary of key indicators, every thing you need to know about your business indicators.

Accounts Management

Provides customer records and activities management and comes with user level access control.

Opportunities Management

Manages opportunities with customers, it comes with opportunity activity capture, activity review and status update.

Reporting and Analytics

Generates robust reporting at the click of a button with high resolution analytical representation using graphs, charts etc


Inbuilt calendar system for tracking daily events and activities. All events and activities will show up on the calendar.

Mobile Application

Salestivity is on mobile! Providing a more easy way to manage your business on the GO, and at your convenience.

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Why Salestivity?

  • 1

    Consolidated real time data

    From your field sales team on key indices such as total new leads for the day, closures for the day, sales value for the day and lots more..

  • 2

    Protect all business data

    your sales team generate, eliminating the risk associated with staff exiting your firm and leaving with their customer base.

  • 3

    Get real time updates

    on specific leads that you have assigned to a sales person and provide instant feedback to them

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