About us

Our Sales Tracker provides the ideal solution for the automation of the sales management process including, sales team members’ management, customer information management, opportunities management, sales data management, reporting, discussion and team meetings, appointments, calendar and even a personal note pad.

The Sales Tracker presents the right platform for successful sales force management.

Why Salestivity?

Collaboration in real time

Salestivity allows you share updates, review sales performance, give feedback and lots more in real time from anywhere in the world and with any device.

Precise Calculation

Get accurate reports and analytics of sales figures, opportunity pipelines volumes, closed deals, lost deals, targets and performance.

Professional Support

Enjoy state of the art support service. Leave the support to us while you focus on what matters the most…SALES!!

10 Reasons to sign up for Salestivity

  • 1

    You get consolidated real time data from your field sales team on key indices such as total new leads for the day, closures for the day, sales value for the day and lots more

  • 2

    You protect all the customer and prospect data your sales team generate, eliminating the risk associated with staff exiting your firm and leaving with their customer base

  • 3

    You get real time updates on specific leads that you have assigned to a sales person and provide instant feedback to them

  • 4

    Your sales team work more effectively

  • 5

    You eliminate the time spent on preparing sales reports and call memos

  • 6

    You pay for only what you use

  • 7

    You can integrate Salestivity with your ERP or any other software you currently use

  • 8

    You benefit from our extensive research on Sales and Sales Automation

  • 9

    You monitor performance by tracking targets on a real time basis

  • 10

    Salestivity improves all round decision making for your Sales Team and Organization